Reviewer Guidelines

The purpose of peer review

Quality peer reviews are essential for insuring the quality of scholarly journals. Your evaluation will play a considerable role in our decision as to whether to accept a manuscript for publication. It ensures that published research is sound and properly verified and improves the quality of the research. Reviewers for the Journal of Customs and Economics Review are selected by the handling editors on the basis of their knowledge of the field. Reviewer names are anonymised so authors will not be informed of the identity of the reviewers. Submitting your report The referee should submit a confidential PAPER REVIEW FORM to the editor recommending whether the manuscript be “accepted “,”revised and resubmitted (with major revision)”, or “rejected”. This letter will not be shared with the author(s). As a reviewer, you should not allow your personal prejudice about research topics or researchers to influence your judgment. Your comments should be professional and courteous, and should help the author to improve their paper and present their research as clearly and concisely as possible. Support your general comments, positive or negative, with specific evidence. Remember that a review lacking substance will generally have less impact than a review that is well-reasoned and rich in content. The referee should also note corrections, comments and suggestions regarding the manuscript. Referee report may highlight the strengths and weaknesses of the manuscript, and the ways to overcome the weaknesses. We usually ask our reviewers to submit their comments within four weeks of agreeing to review a paper. Please submit your reviews on time. If you do not have time to review the article, please let the editorial office know. Suggestions for alternative reviewers are always welcome. If you have reasons to believe that the material is not original or has been plagiarized, please alert the editorial office.
Download Paper Review Form HERE
The Paper Review Form should be sent via e-mail.
Reviewing a paper
When reviewing a paper, general comments should address the following:
• Scientific soundness
• Originality and quality: Is the paper of sufficient interest for publication in the journal? Does it contribute significantly to the current state of the research field?
• Engagement with previous research and results
• Start out by summarizing the article in your own words. Is this topic relevant to a student audience? Why or why not?
• Provide your overall reaction as well as a list of specific comments. What aspects of the article were strong? Is it well written?
• Confirm that the information provided in the article is current, accurate, and consistent.
• Cite quotations, give page numbers, and make direct reference to the specific areas of the paper on which you are commenting.
• Offer comments on tables, figures, and diagrams. Is the article too lengthy? Does it contain too many figures? Are the figures relevant to the discussion in the text?
• Language: You do not need to correct the English, however, if a paper is difficult to understand due to grammatical errors, please mention this in your report.
• Appropriateness for the targeted journal and specific section of the journal
The confidentiality of the referee will be strictly preserved.